Queen Creek Mediation

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Divorce using the mediation process avoids litigation. Traditional divorce is costly, anachronistic, undignified and does very little to resolve issues. It allows divorce clients much less control over the process and fosters a poor basis for building a future relationship as co-parents.

Marty Chadwick has participated in numerous team-building and sensitivity training programs and has completed over 100 hours of formal mediation training, including:

➡ Basic mediation skills
➡ ACR Certified training for family law issues
➡ Certified Professional in Managing Workplace Conflict
➡ Advanced training, including mediating across cultures.

Choosing an experienced mediation professional can lower the emotional temperature and help you to work towards a more sensible schedule that takes into account the best interests of children.

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Mediation is more neutral and usually encourages calm communication in such a way that both parents feel heard and understood.