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Marty Chadwick Elder MediationWe help divorcing Tempe couples craft solutions for their long-term emotional and financial well-being.

Mediation Path provides cost-saving divorce mediation services for couples, co-parents and domestic partners. Our goal is to ease the many obstacles couples may face with divorce, separation, division of assets, or of co-parenting after a relationship has ended.

Mediation Path – – years of experience and a commitment to fairness.

Marty Chadwick, Esq, an experienced professional divorce mediator, offers a positive, affordable and confidential alternative to the often adversarial and divisive experiences you could face in court. We will help you work through the critical decisions relating to separation or divorce agreements.

Mediation Path Ensures that: 

  • Confidentiality is held & your privacy is secure
  • The highest standards of mediation are delivered
  • You set the pace, duration and are listened to throughout the process

With expertise in both divorce mediation and legal issues, Marty helps you and your spouse, partner or co-parent create your own solutions that meet both your needs. If there are kids involved, we’ll cover the needs of the whole family.

Marty speaks about conflict and communication:


Marty speaks about his services and how he can help you:


Marty Chadwick – Mediation Path

Mediation Path aims to minimize the negative impact divorce can have on you and your family.


If you have children, spare them a prolonged emotional roller coaster of adversarial dueling with attorneys.  By choosing our mediation service in Tempe instead, you formulate the agreement, so conflict, now and in the future, can be minimized and possibly eliminated. Also, you can be much more prepared to share parental responsibility and participate in your children’s lives well into their adulthood.

Typical Divorce Issues to Consider:

  • Pre-Marital Agreements
  • Property Division
  • Parenting and Custody/Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)
  • Post Decree Issues and Modifications

Why mediate if I can win in court?

Litigation is adversarial; it can involve surprises, uncertainty, as well as significant stress. Someone always loses in court. You can avoid that risk and expense while managing your time to achieve a mutually acceptable result.  You are in control when you mediate, not the judge, and that can produce predictable and much more acceptable and faster results.

How long does it take or cost?

The amount of time will vary depending on the complexity of the issues and everyone’s cooperation. Ranging from hours to days to reach an agreement, the cost is almost certain to be less than litigation. The cost of litigation continues to rise and the time to settle disputes in an adversarial manner is increasingly long. Mediation gives you the opportunity to avoid those costs and delays.

Affordable Mediator | Specialized Divorce Mediation Tempe, AZ

We provide divorce mediation for clients in Tempe and the entire Southeast Valley and Arizona. All mediations are designed to fit your situation. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

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