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The Key is Prevention and Early Resolution of Workplace Conflict

“Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organizations today,
and the least recognized.” — Dan Dana, Ph.D. (quoted 1988, 2008)

Successful Business & Workplace Mediation Why Choose Mediation Path for Assistance in Resolving Your Business Conflict?

Marty Chadwick, J.D.* has over 30 years of senior management and C-Level corporate experience resolving organizational and workplace or business conflicts.  As a CIO or COO, he routinely facilitated the resolution of customer contract disputes, HR issues, and competing resource conflicts.  His experience developing multi-discipline teams provides significant insight and first-hand experience in developing resolutions that allow for successful on-going relationships.

With basic, advanced and specialized training in the process of mediation, Marty can effectively apply his first-hand knowledge to resolving corporate conflicts successfully.  Marty’s legal training and practice in Virginia give him a good foundation in the legal fundamentals of business law.

With experience in software development, healthcare, real estate, executive consulting, and other fields, Marty’s ‘been there, done that’ range is expansive, providing for more out-of-the-box exploration of options.

Why Use a Professional Mediator?

The mediator is a disinterested, neutral third party with no stake in the outcome.  For this reason, internal disputes are more readily resolved as employees do not feel as if they are ‘dealing with’ HR and can share confidentially with the mediator.  Constructive problem-solving is encouraged because the mediators do not have to protect a position.

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Marty Chadwick – Mediation Path

How Long Does It Take Or Cost?

The amount of time will vary depending on the complexity of the issues and everyone’s cooperation.  Ranging from hours to days to reach an agreement, the cost is almost certain to be less than litigation.  The cost of litigation keeps rising and the time to settle disputes in an adversarial manner is long. Mediation gives you the opportunity to avoid that cost and delay.

I’ll Win in Court so Why Bother with Mediation?

Because litigation is adversarial, it can involve surprises, uncertainty, as well as significant stress.  Someone always loses in court. You can avoid that risk and expense and manage the time frame you want to achieve a result that is more acceptable to you.  You are in control when you mediate, not the judge, and that can produce a result that is predictable and much more acceptable to you.

*Licensed to practice law in Arizona, Virginia and Massachusetts.

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